Sexy or Successful, What’s Your Impact Investing Pleasure?

by Louis Boorstin, May 2, 2014

What’s sexier: Investing in ventures that offer game-changing ways to deliver better health or education to the world’s poor, or improving industry-wide distribution channels, customer awareness, and quality standards for such ventures?

Louis Boorstin, one of the Advisers who guided and reviewed Beyond the Pioneer over the last 15 months, reflects on the need for industry facilitation for impact investment to be successful in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Louis draws both from our research and his own experience over the past 25 years as both an impact investor in a range of social ventures—such as rural solar power in Bangladesh and sanitation in the slums of Nairobi—and as a facilitator of sector-wide growth, including efficient lighting in South Africa and household water purification in India.

To read Louis’s piece in SSIR, click here.

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